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CyberMap…Your Social Universal Classified Ads Center!

Solution Command Center on Autopilot

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Sales & Marketing
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Sales Gauge

Why should we use Boomn

BOOMN is integrated with an interactive & responsive business social network platform portal in which businesses can conduct business with leads and customers in real time allowing them to chat, share and process highly important systematic tools for the business powered by a Command Center in which it contains those systematic tools I call, the Super 5 Main Ingredients.

It will achieve their sales goals with built-in auto responders and AI follow up systems that are sensitive according to what you program it to do, and, most importantly, it has a sales gauge that sets your goals by weeks, months or years so you can hit your target goals with assisted and leveraging AI systematic tools.

Amazing customer service has a magic touch to it where every time you touch something, it turns into gold. Wouldn’t that be awesome?! To reach these high levels of success in any sales profession, you must be a great listener, you must be great at following up, be very thoughtful and going the extra, extra mile by giving more than you deserve. You must go on overdrive and there you will see massive success. Those who are on the top 5% are the best in sales, read more, learn more, hustle more, and are hungrier by 5 times or more. These are people who love people more than themselves.

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  • Set your monthly and yearly business Goals on full auto-pilot mode to meet your Goals in real time
  • A Complete Solution to Promote Your Business in Real time with remarkable AI Systematic tools
  • Enjoy a Super SOS CHAT Platform to engage with all your customers 24/7
  • Convert Leads into Lifetime Customers
  • A Traffic Generator to attract customers preventing dry Seasons
  • A Sales Gauge to keep your goals of revenue following
  • A Command center that delivers full auto pilot service for your customers
  • Buy, Sell, Trade, Post Ads with the CyberMap, the Universal Classified Ads Social Network
  • And MUCH More Customer Centric Service for all your needs to Dominate Your Niche Market!


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How it Works

Universal Classified Ads aka CyberMap

      The CyberMap aka Universal Classified Ads Section built with a social media platform, the first of its kind to combine your search and engage in interactivities such as posting things for sale and service. You can engage deeper with the advertiser and the buyer/us

Super SOS 5 Main Ingredients:

      Just imagine a programmed robot internally in your very own platform in the internet nestled in BOOMN’s interactive and responsive site where, you, the user, can conduct and perform many day to day tasks that are essential to create and keep a customer for life.

Why should we use Boomn?

      BOOMN is a new concept that redefines how people use internet for their service requirements. Today, people use all types of marketing skills, advertisement methods and other tools to attract customers. However, one thing that is still missing is the relentless and