Amazing Customer Service, the foundation of Success

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April 02 , 2018 / Posted by Admin

Everyone wants to be treated with respect and have that sense of being well treated by someone or by an entity/organization. When running your own business or representing a company, you must be as genuine and helpful as possible to serve your prospects and clients to get back the good karma that comes with it. Focus on being there and giving them the very best service and appreciation will have its rewards.

There’s always going to someone better out there so you had better be really good at what you do and keep up with what’s going around you, especially that there’s so many people offering the same or similar product and/or service as you. You must always remind yourself that you’re never going to let your guard down because there’s always someone who wants to eat your lunch and dinner, too.

Amazing customer service has a magic touch to it where every time you touch something, it turns into gold. Wouldn’t that be awesome?! To reach these high levels of success in any sales profession, you must be a great listener, you must be great at following up, be very thoughtful and going the extra, extra mile by giving more than you deserve. You must go on overdrive and there you will see massive success. Those who are on the top 5% are the best in sales, read more, learn more, hustle more, and are hungrier by 5 times or more. These are people who love people more than themselves.

To be the very best, you must act the very best and feel good about it. You must be very passionate about what you do, how you treat people, and how much you love people. Your level of work ethics equals your level of love for others that you serve. It will show once you have many that come for you in more ways than one. If your sales peers are digging 6 feet deep, you must dig 20 feet deeper. That’s where you will strike oil. That’s where your attitude goes on maximum overdrive.

You must figure out by reading the books, by watching the sales videos, taking all the trainings and seminars, and taking the online and offline courses that will help develop your career and make you the very damn best one out there.

Create someone of great value that no one has to offer and your client’s will come after you in the masses. When it rains it pours and you will notice it go on auto pilot. You must remember that you are a one man show and you must be at your best to juggle many things. You are building up your image and reputation so others see that shinning light that everyone will be curious about and do business with.

Be excited at what you do and the results of it will show. You must enjoy your creation every step of the way in order for others to take notice. Every step must be delicious and exhilarating for you to see the difference. Be a regular learner and invest in yourself with self development and in your career. It’s going to be a long one so you may as well do it day by day for daily growth.

In order to be amazing in what you do, you must give added value service like never before. You must pay the price in advance to see all is in your favor. Get yourself in a completely different mode and have an attitude of a high level Olympian where you have never gone before. Make great habits and practice practice, practice until you become really good at what you do best. You must think really big and the outcome of rewards will be really big!

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