Building a series of Added Value for your leads and prospects

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April 02 , 2018 / Posted by Admin

Everyone wants to make a sale but it’s more than just asking them to buy from you, especially many of us are shouting and selling the same thing. Buy from me, buy from me doesn’t work anymore! You need to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd. How? By adding extra value. People must know you, like you, and trust you before they open up their wallets to you. You must built up a lot of great value first before anyone buys from you, especially if it’s a high ticket item or even a product/service that everyone has. The question is, why should they buy from you?

To accomplish making a big sale or a sale from a product that looks the same as everyone else’s to a future customer, you must remember some very basic things and, yes, they are so basic, it’s been under our noses all this time. You see, you must create something that people will get excited for, anticipate, have curiosity for, and then deliver it. Offer something different that is packaged well and add on the instructions.

Remember the Pet Rock? Well, we all know how that played out. It came in a box that had air holes as though you had a pet that needed to breath, an Instruction guide that makes you write it’s birthday, give it a name, and some information on tips on how you can care for it. Before you open it, it gives you excitement and curiosity as to how this will look like!

Once you open it, you see the rock is woven in a nice nest and delivered to you in a nice package. What more can you ask for than a pet that behaves, has zero maintenance and can keep for a lifetime! Such a simple idea yet sold millions across the globe!

You see, in the physical aspects of things, you must have a nice package all wrapped up in a nice box or unique packaging to build up to be excitement and give the buyer a sense of curiosity. It triggers their emotion to buy from you! Everyone is a sales person. In knowing that, you must have that unique added value or also known as unique selling proposition. Show everyone, including your boss, out of all the sales persons on the floor, you have something special to deliver to the masses. Act as though you are special. Give your clients a reason to buy.

Some reasons can be that when they buy from you, they will be assured a product or service that will be very useful for them for a long time and it’s guaranteed. It will solve their problem. It can be a nice toolset. In it contains a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, socket set, and so much more that is much needed to repair many things in a house that a couple just purchased. They see the value of a house all nice and repaired all because the toolset had everything in there to complete the pride of owning a house.

When speaking of a non physical sale, say, for example, a sales person such as

A realtor who is trying to get the listing from a home owner. What does this realtor have that 100 other realtors don’t have? Well, it can be that this unique realtor simply has a visual aid ready to show diagrams and pictures of the process of from the time of listing the house to closing the successful sale of their house.

It can also include testimonials from previous sales this salesperson has made. Or, it can be that this salesperson has made a name for themselves because they’ve seen their pictures all over the internet, billboards, bus stops, and movie theater ads. They’ve built up that image and reputation for many years so people know them, like them and trust them.

Create lots of value first and people will come knocking on your door!

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