Types of Phones for the BOOMN app?

It’s good for all smart phones, both Androids and iPhones.

Is BOOMN a Free Service?

Yes, to register is free.

When was BOOMN founded?

With an idea that was born in 2006, it was invented due to the lack of basic knowledge and customer service that many business people, business, and realtors should have any time of their business life.

What is BOOMN?

BOOMN is the most advanced tools and systems found online to help businesses, entrepreneurs, realtors, and any one in business promote their business. It also includes a Classified Ads section called the Universal CyberMap Classified Ads on a social level. It has 2 Main Sections filled with many features I. The Super SOS Platform II. Universal CyberMap Classified Ads Section.

Is it App friendly?

Yes, it was built to make it for the on the go business person for anywhere, anytime, real time use.

2 Step Verification

Once you register, you will need to check your email address that you used to verify that it’s really you and then you’re all set to use the platforms.

What is the Super SOS Platform?

It is the most advanced and up-to- date tool and system to help build your business, to promote businesses with the most advanced online tools to where you want it to be. It’s a place where you can manually and automatically conduct business at a touch of a few buttons. It helps you connect and fully engage with your customers on a social level to increase sales and excellent customer service and beyond.

What is the CyberMap?

You can search for ads for pretty much for anything on the planet. It’s a place where you can buy and sell pretty much anything you can think of that is legal. And, you can do it on a social level. You can advertise and post lots of your products and services in pretty much in any industry you’re in

Can I post for free?

Yes, you can but for posting jobs in the Jobs industry, there is a fee to pay.

Can I edit my postings?

Yes. You can also delete them as well. You can add photos as well.

What types of ads are prohibited?

Ads that are Prohibited

Users must comply with all applicable laws and all posted site rules.

Here is a partial list of goods, services, and content prohibited on craigslist:

  • weapons; firearms/guns and components; BB/pellet, stun, and spear guns; etc
  • ammunition, clips, cartridges, reloading materials, gunpowder, fireworks, explosives
  • recalled items; hazardous materials; body parts/fluids; unsanitized bedding/clothing
  • prescription drugs, medical devices; controlled substances and related items
  • alcohol or tobacco; unpackaged or adulterated food or cosmetics
  • child pornography; bestiality; offers or solicitation of illegal prostitution
  • pet sales (re-homing with small adoption fee ok), animal parts, stud service
  • endangered, imperiled and/or protected species and any parts thereof, e.g. ivory
  • false, misleading, deceptive, or fraudulent content; bait and switch; keyword spam
  • offensive, obscene, defamatory, threatening, or malicious postings or email
  • anyone’s personal, identifying, confidential or proprietary information
  • food stamps, WIC vouchers, SNAP or WIC goods, governmental assistance
  • stolen property, property with serial number removed/altered, burglary tools, etc
  • ID cards, licenses, police insignia, government documents, birth certificates, etc
  • US military items not demilitarized in accord with Defense Department policy
  • counterfeit, replica, or pirated items; tickets or gift cards that restrict transfer
  • lottery or raffle tickets, sweepstakes entries, slot machines, gambling items
  • spam; miscategorized, overposted, cross-posted, or nonlocal content
  • postings or email the primary purpose of which is to drive traffic to a website
  • postings or email offering, promoting, or linking to unsolicited products or services
  • affiliate marketing; network, or multi-level marketing; pyramid schemes
  • any good, service, or content that violates the law or legal rights of others

How will the SOS help dominate the business’s local niche?

Being exclusive is very important. The more you use the platform with its tools and systems, the faster you will be the dominant player in your industry. It’s a platform you want to embrace for the life of your business. If you want that leading edge, you will use BOOMN for a very long time.

Is this business good for Worldwide use?

Yes, it is translated into several dozens of foreign language and is even good for the beginner business owner.

Is my personal and business information kept confidential?

Yes, absolutely.

How do I advertise?

Contact us via email at BOOMN@boomn.net and we shall contact you right away within 24 hours. You may also use the easy to do form to place your order.

Is BOOMN good for all ages?

For the Super SOS Platform and the Universal CyberMap, you can be 18 years or older to use the tools, systems and services.

How do I get support or help?

Contact us at BOOMN@boomn.net for support.

B2B and B2C, what is this?

Business to business simply means that two licensed businesses are doing business together whether they are chatting, collaborating and corresponding and/or making a transaction. Business to Customer normally means when the business is dealing direct with their end user, known as the customer, end user, or client.

How does the 5 th Main Ingredient work, the Sales Gauge?

Every user must enter information such as email addresses and phone numbers of clients. The more the better so you can increase your chances of increasing your sales revenue. The internal program has a built in sales goals where you enter your sales goals for the month, the year, and even 5 years. You simply plug the appropriate numbers, load up certain tools you are required to and the AI system will sense what amounts of coupons and other tools to send out to your database. You are provided a Command Center for you to control the timing of everything. You can go either manually or on full auto pilot mode. This mode will help you make sales and keep your goals in check.

Where can I find my settings?

You can find the main settings on the top right on the homepage under your Name in the drop down menu.