How It Works

How It Works

Universal Classified Ads aka CyberMap

      The CyberMap aka Universal Classified Ads Section built with a social media platform, the first of its kind to combine your search and engage in interactivities such as posting things for sale and service. You can engage deeper with the advertiser and the buyer/user looking for your items for sale and/or service. Real time 1-on-1 chats and on a platform make it fun and easy to get things done faster, funner and on a real time basis so you complete your goals like never before.

      A very user-friendly Classified ads platform on a Social Level where you can buy, sell, trade and network with people in real time. It’s the 1st of its kind so you can advertise and find anything you want and you can socialize and be interactive about it in real time. You will truly feel engaged and be more in control with advertisers whether they are selling, trading, or buying products and/or services.

      Here, you have the power to target your market audience thru specific industries so you nail it dead center each time. This is not just any place where you can just socialize and waste time, but rather the main hub where you can find a classified ads section with real substance with added value people that you can appreciate and prosper with.

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Super SOS 5 Main Ingredients:

      Just imagine a programmed robot internally in your very own platform in the internet nestled in BOOMN’s interactive and responsive site where, you, the user, can conduct and perform many day to day tasks that are essential to create and keep a customer for life. It is here where the business will promote itself and keep organized to embrace their customers and keep them growing very healthy. This robot will be preprogrammed to communicate with your new prospects and current customers to nurture and develop them over time. Building trust and relationships is a must.

      Your platform will give birth to a seed and make it grow in their realm to keep them growing in the right direction as in holding them by the hands until they can fly on their own on autopilot, however, we will still be doing the tedious tasks with built-in systems that must be made to keep the relationship alive and stronger so their value and brand keeps growing so they shine! It certainly builds image and reputation and does the work magnificently since all the AI tools with systems are intact like no other.

      It’s the 1st of its kind to help a client while they are sleeping. Imagine, making sales while you are asleep in bed. Now, this is capable going on Full auto-pilot mode when you choose to do so with a built-in Command Center to control all the tools readily and available at your command.

      This is the systematic approach for those who miss out on the small details that make a difference. This is making sales while you sleep and earn you passive income. You can manually opt to send certain tools as well. As the systematic tools roll, you would also be able to socialize on the business platform as well as the consumer platform.

      Essentially, there are B2B and B2C features to choose from, enabling you to target the right people in real time. By using the Super SOS platform, you receive the most added-value found anywhere since we have built the 1st of its kind systematic platform to boost your sales and reputation so, you, the user, can finally dominate your local niche like never before. Now is time you build your Brand in Real time!

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Why should we use Boomn?

      BOOMN is a new concept that redefines how people use internet for their service requirements. Today, people use all types of marketing skills, advertisement methods and other tools to attract customers. However, one thing that is still missing is the relentless and continuous follow-up with all prospects and clients who need to be regularly pinged for further projects and requirements.

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