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  • Car Title: Cadillac
  • Car Model: 1963
  • On Road Price($): 2000
  • Used
  • Sale
  • Sedan
  • GRAY
  • 200000/kmpl
  • 1963
  • Brake Assist
  • Car window louvres
  • 2147483647
  • United States of America,California,Twin Peaks


This car has been kept in my garage for the past 10 years as a project car. Now I'm moving and cant finish her so I'm unfortunately selling her to a lucky new owner who wants to restore her. Just got a new battery and she runs!!!!. Its a great restoration project if you are looking for one. The roof was chopped years ago. Body has some rust and rot but in very good condition for its age and a great candidate to be restored. No key available. Please be aware this is a complete car in need of complete restoration. Yes. I have the title.
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