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  • Car Title: Dodge
  • Car Model: 2012
  • On Road Price($): 15000
  • Used
  • Sale
  • SUV
  • 80000/kmpl
  • 2012
  • Airbags
  • Car window louvres
  • 2147483647
  • United States of America,California,Redmond


I have my 2012 Dodge Journey up for sale, tho I like this car, I never drive it that often anymore.  I still pay on it.  Looking to see what I can get, it needs a little work, a few minor problems, nothing that effects the performance of it tho.  It will need a new seatbelt reel, the old one will not ravel in (drivers side) but still operates fine.  Front shock on drivers side needed.  Probably a set of tires in the future.  Yes bumper is a replacement, needs fixed.  You can take over lease, or cash me out.  Asking 15,000 for it. These vehicles are hot right now, so I know despite the minor problems, it's worth more then I've posted.  Yes the bumper is a replacement, needs fixed.  This would make a great vehicle for families, or the momz out there.  If interested, just email me, & we can talk.
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