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Synergy of Life and Health Coaching and Consulting w/ Healing Hands Abdominal Work w/ Remedies 

PAIN in Your Belly??????
Release and De-Stress Eating 
Increase Your Digestion Strength 
Increase Assimilation by Releasing Belly Knots 
Not Having fun eating or have a Good life because:
1. Acid Re-Flux or Stomach Aches
2. Indigestion or Gas 
3. Bloating Discomfort After Eating
4. Constipated Loose Stools

Specializing in Abdominal Pain Relief Coaching w/ Remedies and/or Work Hands on

Belly problems, aches and pains not going away???? Keep coming back? Nothing working? 
Intermittently constant Belly Abdomen discomfort causing all kinds of other problems????

Relieve Your Problems 
Men and Women 
• Belly Tightness knots 
• Constipation, discomfort and irritation or pain
• Digestive disorders and Gas Bloating
• Fatigue/Low energy 
• Intermittent or constant Stomach aches
• Gas Re-flux Indigestion Chinese Medicine calls it Rebellious Qi 
• Headaches 
• Irritable Bowels
• Low Back aches
• Restricted breathing due to abdominal tension
• Abnormal uterine bleeding
• Bladder or yeast problems
• Displaced or prolapsed uterus and or bladder
• Irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation or No menstruation 
• Painful menstrual cycles and painful ovulation
• Pelvic congestion and Pain
• Peri-menopause and menopausal symptoms
• PMS, and depression-related PMS
* Foggy Mind or Trouble Focusing / Confusion 
• Irritability Mood swings can't let go 

Get Change Finally How many things have you tried? Are they are not working? Your problems just keep coming back??? Why continue to feel miserable? 

Reach Out and Do something about it NOW!!!!!! w/ Abdominal and Lymphatic Drainage with Reflexology Hand /Feet on points for the abdomen by a Therapist w/ over 40 yr experience working 10's of thousand bodies doing lymphatic and organ drainage. 

Available/ including 
Email any questions? 

Issues of your abdomen do not just effect your body but really much more than you realize, your mind but also emotions and moods: why do you think your belly is called the Second Brain. 

How much would relief be worth??

Effects you not only throughout your day 
How does it effect everything throughout your life???

Find More vitality health 
Therapeutic Ab Belly Work with a knowledgeable Therapist 
1 50 Minute Hr. $ 79
1 ½ Hr $110

Most therapists overlooks the abdomen 
Body worker doesn't have the training or experience to assist you or your systems 
Additional educational Health Coaching Health Holistic approach in diet and nutrition 

Therapeutic Abdominal Belly Work with Lymph Drainage will reduce even eliminate the stressors and imbalances that can cause you so many miserable days and nights.

Shown specifically to help with a large numbered issues of imbalances stressors 
elimination systems. 

Qualities that abdominal work offers are unique. 
Healing effect helping what they call your Second Brain (the belly abdomen) 
Stress reduction that goes a long ways to improving not just your health but your happiness. 

Ab and Lymphatic Therapeutic Work will help you physical larger miserable feelings 
Reduces Interference w/ your daily brain clarity
Changes Lack of focus fogginess 
Releases Emotions painfully locked in belly and organs. 

Ab and Lymphatic Therapy increases 
blood and lymphatic fluid 
circulation to all the organs in the whole of the region, which increases blood flow and healthy lymphatic fluid flow 
promoting amazing health in all the organs. 
improves the oxygenated blood supply to organs 
stimulates all organs esp. the colon, stomach, liver, gall bladder and pancreas 
allowing the release of metabolic waste products to aid in proper digestion 
Brings relief 
Secretion and elimination of waste products more efficient 
Preventing the stagnation breeding grounds of dis - ease or hormones accumulation 

Releases the fascia tissue so that organs and muscles can lay unrestricted in their natural positions. 
Deep muscle tissue spasms relieved 
Helps alignment and balance
Strengthening weak and relaxes abdominal muscles
Taking strain off of the lower back. 
Heat produced from the massage can melt adipose tissue/ fat 

The abdomen is an area that is often overlooked 
Some therapists will simply perform a few light strokes over the area. 
Other therapists may avoid the area all together 
Abdomen is a very important area and needs specific attention 

Thank you for caring enough about your self and your body to read this. I will use everything therapeutic to help you find comfort and easy.

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